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On behalf of the staff and students of Centerville Junior High School,I would like to take this opportunity to welcome our web page visitors. As you browse our site, we hope that we have effectively conveyed both the spirit and success of our school and programs. We will be happy to assist with questions or additional information.
  •  Centerville-Abington Junior High has an enrollment of approximately 255 students in grades 7 and 8 and is staffed by 14 full time teachers and five rotation instructors.
  •  The instructional staff is divided into two teams. Each grade level team is comprised of six teachers assigned to provide integrated experiences in mathematics, science, humanities, business, health, and physical education. A related arts and science team of eight staff provide exploratory experiences in character education, careers, foreign language, reading, art, band and choir. The schedule is a block schedule that is the same as the high school. This allows for the sharing of staff to enhance our programs.
  •  Additional programs include mentoring, tutorial, classes for integrating mildly and moderately handicapped students, and services for learning disabled. Each of these programs has a certified instructor and a full complement of paraprofessional staff. Support staff include one principal, one guidance counselor, a media specialist, a corporation computer coordinator, one secretary, two custodians, one cafeteria manager, and three food service staff. The school is large enough to offer a variety of instructional programs and extra-curricular opportunities yet small enough to act as an extended family working together and caring for each other.
  •  Our Guiding Principles
     Centerville-Abington Junior High School aspires to:
  •  All students are unique individuals who are capable of learning.
  • All staff members and students are committed to continuous improvement.
  • Schools are centers of learning, supported by students, parents, staff and the community.
  • Schools provide a safe, caring, and respectful learning environment.
  • Schools foster a climate for understanding diversity and promoting personal responsibility.
  • The school provides a variety of educational experiences and resources to foster inquiry, reflection, research, and problem solving.
  • Technology will continue to be used to support teaching and learning as a tool to foster inquiry, reflection, research, and problem solving.
  • Schools educated students to "learn how to learn" in an ever-changing world.
  • Using the state standards, schools provide a variety of educational experiences and resources for Pre-Kindergarten through Grade 12.
  •  Schools promote wellness for students, staff and the community.

Building Hours

School hours are from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm.   The building will be open to students at 7:30 am.   Students staying after the 3:00 pm dismissal time must be under the direct supervision of a staff member.










Brian Bellew

Our Mission:

Centerville-Abington Junior High School in partnership with families and community, prepares students to develop appropriate skills necessary for transition to high school, life long learning, and responsible citizenship. 


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State of the Art Facilities

CJHS building

Our buidling was dedicated on November 1995.

The facility was a result of many long hours of 

planning and designing.   Our school building has 

been updated many times to allow for technological

advances.   We are now totally wireless and 

operate as a 1:1 computing school.

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